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I am Semba


Is there a chance that a democratically elected African President can steer his country that lies below the equator to be an ethically, non-corruptive, law-abiding place to live?


Could he achieve a similar sort of headway that Singapore succeeded to attain? Will this president become threatened by his countless enemies and stripped of his resources to then go about his work in an honest and undisputed way? Will the plundering and corruption that has been Africa’s trademark for centuries prevail?


In this thought-provoking and intriguing thriller, President Joshua Luombe Semba and his loyal team try to thwart an attack and prove precisely the opposite. Acting strongly and following his own belief and naivety, Semba goes through thick and thin - earning himself his nickname Tinga Tinga – the bulldozer. His wananchi, the proud citizens of Tanzania, are baffled. Slowly but surely, they too fall under the spell of the vigour and intensity.


How long will he hang on in there?


Read the philosophical verging on a true story written by world citizens Ajeka & Fox, who prefer to protect their creative privacy.
The consequences remain uncertain in this somewhat grisly tropical neck of the woods.



“A chilling novel - sometimes more bloodthirsty than idyllic.”

“A revelation, the true dilemmas of darkest Africa revealed.”

“When do you get an opportunity to read about the inside stories of romantic African presidents?”


“A chilling novel - sometimes more bloodthirsty
than idyllic.

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Authors Notes 

I am Semba is a novel based on true facts, some tragically real taken from the life of Dr John Joseph Pombe Magufuli who recently passed away (29th October 1959 – 17th March, 2021). 

The sometimes subtle truths often intertwined in an inextricable jumble of fiction. The names of the characters used in this book are not real and to the authors’ knowledge, not linked to a genuine Tanzanian national.   

As far as we know, it is seldom that an African country has been brought to light and used as a setting for an intriguing story, interwoven with cultural truths, incidents and anecdotes. We aim to enlighten our readers and share our knowledge, love and experience of Tanzania. 

Even though the authors do not originate from Tanzania, a special fondness for this beautiful country, and its friendly inhabitants, triggered the writing of this book. We hope that the love of the country reflects in the story we tell, even when we have occasionally been critical about the local communities and the progress of civil society. 

Most of the research we carried out thanks to Google. Also extensive reading of articles published by the local press, during our time spent there. Specific sources or references used in the book are registered with a footnote. 


We would like to encourage our readers to dig further into sagas relating to the albino’s in Tanzania, the elephants and the rhinoceroses in the national parks and the overall ongoing malaise viruses from Ebola to Covid-19. These are all national disasters that deserve more worldwide attention. 

We have striven to produce a grammatically correct book – should this not be the case, we hope that the readers will advise our very co-operate publishers accordingly. 


One final point: - The charity Greenmanjaro is a real organisation. If you would like to contribute to improving the conditions in the Kilimanjaro area, then please Thanks in advance. 

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