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I am Anna

The thriller takes place in Tanzania. The second part of the Tanzanite trilogy.


She is impatient, arrogant, and bitchy .... 

Dr Anna is the regional commissioner for the Kilimanjaro area and a member of the opposition party against the President, Joshua Luombe Semba. Just as a caterpillar sheds its skin, she slowly and skillfully reveals her telling characteristics.

As a devilish, well educated, and manipulative piece of work - her foul moods and sharp temper evolve her into an antihero and evildoer. 

Her childhood was rocky. Her relationships at university followed suit.

She is now deeply in love with a girl called Artie, anxiously doing all she can to hide this relationship, like a young girl smitten for the first time.

Page by page, we become enthralled with the chapters of her life and witness Anna blossoming from an innocent young damsel to a worldly lady, from a backbencher to a woman of authority. From depths of despair and disbelief to the reigning leader of the pack. As with the metamorphosis into a butterfly, we grow to like her more.  Meanwhile, President Joshua Semba elapses into a more autocratic role. His measures are harsh, false and erratic thanks to the lingering and not openly accepted Corvid-19 virus. Anna, members of her opposition team, and journalists alike find themselves mercilessly behind bars and parliament forced into silence. Anna finds solace in her prison mates and learns to trust them as her next of kin.

Anna survives a life-changing trek alone around Kilimanjaro. The reader has a chance to learn and appreciate the beauty of Tanzania shining through. Whilst Anna is in exile, anti-democratic rebellions are rife, and panic ensues to leave a trail of devastation nationwide. Tanzania finds itself bloodied and bruised in a relentless uncivil war, lives blown to shreds when streets are left annihilated. Houses blasted to smithereens; fortunes denied. Cities are buried in layers of dust and rubble, smothered in smoke like the aftermath of a volcano. Irrationally and without pre-warning, President Semba postpones the National elections, playing for extra time in a Corona dictated stadium. Dr Anna sees these dramas unfolding and tolerates his strategy no longer. 

The Tanzanians pin their hopes on this intriguing, bitchy but awe-inspiring female politician, the new kid on the block and expect a revolution from her, a coup d’état. Will the president give in and step down? How many will die before democracy in Tanzania returns?

In this thought-provoking, nail-biting story of a country under siege, our main characters regularly have to fight for their lives … and love and sex define the fate and destiny of many.

“Gripping tale of leadership struggles set in a country suffering the pandemic.”

“The beautiful country of Tanzania with its complexities shines through.”


“Gripping tale of leadership struggles set in a country suffering in the pandemic”

“The beautiful country of Tanzania shines through”

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