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Montefiore Jury prize winner 2022

Book 1 of the Tanzanite trilogy


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Book 2 of the Tanzanite trilogy


Learn more about the Tanzanite trilogy. The riveting thriller series by Ajeka & Fox is an unexpected insight into the trials and tribulations of an emerging country struggling against its ill-fated existence.
The soul-stirring antics and dilemmas of life inside the palace walls.
The politics, corruption, assassination attempts and hidden romances.

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About the authors

Meet the mysterious Ajeka

The identity behind the Ajeka pseudonym is unknown. The author wants to remain anonymous to generate "creativity space" for himself (like writer Elena Ferrante). For urgent matters, Ajeka is contactable via his pen-partner. Some may think he is close to power in Tanzania. Others understand that he prefers to stand in the shadow of his work.


Assuming Ajeka is a he, there are a few things we do know about him:- Such as his bold, even rather macho writing – his love for the game and the thrill of the chase. He relishes the power and its intrigue and knows Africa inside out. By travelling extensively, one can build up some discernment into human behaviour and the opportunities to meet new people are endless - an excellent quality for a writer to have. Although Ajeka is not yet a professional writer, he is not English either, which explains his working relationship with Fox.


By reading this book, you may be able to glean more hints about who this traveller-writer might be.

Meet Penny Vossen – Hazelton, alias Fox

Born and bred in Leicestershire, United Kingdom, she has a passion for nature and the great outdoors, adores travel, and meeting and working with new people from all walks of life.   She broadens her horizons and enriches her daily life by playing with words, translating, transforming and creating stories, bringing them to life in her mother tongue.  


Her original career led her to the Netherlands in 1992. Living outside her home country made her realise and appreciate the importance of the English language. Translating Dutch into English became the natural sequel - a new business venture which she named Pen’s Point came to fruition. Translating I am Semba was an enlightening and motivating experience into the intriguing world of writers. Working with Ajeka, learning from his extensive Tanzanian knowledge has opened a new window - both as a translator and as a writer.


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The Netherlands

Tranzanite Trilogy

"I am Semba" is the first in a series of three books, the so-called Tanzanite series. The Tanzanite series is named after the Tanzanite stone, found in just one place on earth, near majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. 
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"I am Semba" is a novel based on true facts, some tragically real taken from the life of Dr John Joseph Pombe Magufuli, who recently passed away (29th October 1959 – 17th March 2021).  

The sometimes-subtle truths intertwined in an inextricable jumble of fiction. The names of the characters used in this book are not real and, to the authors' knowledge, not linked to a genuine Tanzanian national.  

As far as we know, it is seldom that an African country has been brought to light and used as a setting for an intriguing story, interwoven with cultural truths, incidents and anecdotes. We aim to enlighten our readers and share our knowledge, love and experience of Tanzania.  

Even though the authors do not originate from Tanzania, a particular fondness for this beautiful country, and its friendly inhabitants, triggered the writing of this book. We hope that the love of the country reflects in the story we tell, even when we have occasionally been critical about the local communities and the progress of civil society.  

Some of our research was thanks to internet coverage. Also, extensive reading of articles published by the local press during our time spent there. Specific sources or references used in the book have a footnote.  

We encourage our readers to dig further into sagas relating to the Albinos in Tanzania, the elephants and the rhinoceroses in the national parks and the overall ongoing malaise viruses from Ebola to Covid-19. These are all national disasters that deserve more worldwide attention.  


The Tanzanite stone is a relatively recent discovery. Tiffany & Co named this blue-violet variety of zoisite in honour of Tanzania, the home of discovery in 1967. Because the crystals show different colours depending on the viewing direction, cutters can fashion gems with a range of colours from violet-blue to bluish violet depending on how much weight they want to retain from the raw state. It’s such a  unique stone, a perfect symbol to use for our Tanzanian series (you know – exclusive, transparent, exciting etc.) 

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We have striven to produce a grammatically correct book – should this not be the case we hope that the readers will advise our co-operate publishers Europe Books accordingly.


You can email us at: 

One final point: - The charity Greenmanjaro is a real organisation.


If you would like to contribute to improving the conditions in the Kilimanjaro area, then please visit 


Thanks in advance!  

But there is more coming soon.  





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"An absolute must-read! Congratulations Ajeka & Fox, well done!"


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